66 truths about Hafifi Abu Bakar.

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1. Real name : Mohd Hafifi Abu Bakar

2. Nickname(s): Hafifi

3. Zodiac Sign: Aries

4. Male or female: Male

5. Elementary School: SK Tanah Liat

6. High School: SMK Penanti

7. College: None

8. Hair color: Black

9. Tall or short : Tall

11. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans

12. Phone or Camera: Blackberry

13. Health freak: Yes

14. Orange or Apple: Apple

15. Do you have a crush on someone? No

16. Eat or Drink: Eat

17. Piercings : No

18. Pepsi or Coke: Coke


19. Been in an airplane: Yes

20. Been in a relationship: Yes

21. Been in a car accident: Yes

22. Been in prison: No


23. First piercing : No

24. First best friend: Abdul Shameel Aiman & Muhd Firdaus Herman

25. First award: Pelajar Paling Berbudi Bahasa Tinggi.

26. First crush: Standard six

27. First word: Peace


29. Last person you talked to in person: My mom

30. Last person you texted: Nurul Asmida

31. Last person you watched a movie with: Family of Yaacob's

32. Last food you ate: Nasi Kandar

33. Last movie you watched : Damping Malam

34. Last song you listened to: Fireworks

35. Last thing you bought: Puma watch.

36. Last person you hugged: Asyraf Zuhaili


37. Food: ALL

38. Drink: Iced Lemon Tea

39. Bottoms: Levi's

40. Flower: Sunflower? maybe.

41. Animal: Cats.

42. Colours: Red, Blue

43. Movies: Harry Potter.

44. Subjects: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Maths.

(Put an X in the brackets if yes)

45. [X] fell in love with someone

46. [ ] celebrated Halloween

47. [X] had your heart broken.

48. [X] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone.

49. [ X] had someone question my sexual orientation.

51. [ ] got pregnant.

52. [ ] had an abortion.

53. [X] did something I regret.

54. [X] broke a promise.

55. [X] hide a secret.

56. [X] pretended to be happy.

57. [X ] met someone who changed your life.

58. [X] pretended to be sick

59. [X] left the country.

60. [X] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it. (not in a wrong way.)

61. [X]cried over the silliest thing.

62. [X] ran a mile.

63.[X] went to the beach with your best friend.

65.[X]hated someone.

66.[X]stayed single for 2 year.

Done ! :)

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